Dress Code

Do you want to enjoy a different day playing golf and the outdoors with us? Brilliant! We will be happy to welcome you and do everything possible to make it a unique experience.

But first of all, we must share some minimum practices to preserve a basic aesthetic. It’s not to limit your style, but about drawing some lines on which to create a more pleasant environment for everyone.


The elements accepted in our dress code are based on common practices in the general practice of golf. Includes elements such as:


  • Golf Polo: Polo style t-shirt with a sporty cut.


  • Tailored shorts/ smart trousers: long or short cut dress pants.


  • T-shirt: T-shirt with a sporty collar.


  • Golf skirt: dress skirt with golf cut.


  • Golf shoes: footwear specially developed for playing golf.
dress code Vistabella Golf


drees code Vistabella Golf unacceptable

Among the elements not accepted within our dress code we find:


  • Short shirts: sports or short-sleeved t-shirts


  • Swimsuit: Sports shorts or swimming trunks.


  • Sandals: open shoes, flip-flops or high-heeled shoes.


  • Tank tops: tank tops or sleeveless tops


  • Jeans: denim pants.