Vistabella Golf


When someone enters Vistabella Golf for the first time they are due to experience something quite special. You will feel the dedication we hold for it, where every detail is vital for your enjoyment. Discover your golf couse on the Costa Blanca, near Alicante.


To enjoy every golf shot


The integration of nature and the responsible use of its resources, make Vistabella more than just a golf course, using a unique landscape with more than 40 hectares full of native species of trees and Mediterranean bushes, near Torrevieja, Alicante.  Among them are three majestic pines that make up our logo and which can be seen from practically anywhere on the course.

From the hand of a Golf Champion


Manuel Piñero, former European Tour player Golf and World Cup, Dunhill Golf Cup and Ryder Cup representative for Spain on numerous occasions, has managed to design a really interesting round, constructed in such a way that both the most demanding professionals and amateurs can enjoy in equal measures.


Manuel Piñero has excellent experience in his more than 30 years as a golf player and designer in world golf. At Vistabella golf he has managed to incorporate many of the challenges he has faced as a player in over 500 of the world’s finest courses.

A course with its own personality



Blue and red tables for gentlemen, as well as the white and yellow tables for ladies, are still missing. We are working to complete these tables and hope to do so as soon as possible. Be aware that although the header of the document shows the date it was created (September 2022), the official implementation date is February 1st, 2023.

Hole by hole

Hole 1

A nice gentle downhill hole to start. Big hitters beware that the fairway bunker is reachable from the tee. A short to mid iron to the middle of the well bunkered and sloping green, is the best choice for the second shot.

Hole 2

A beautiful par 3 playing slightly downhill. A mid iron to rescue club will see you reach the green which is guarded by a bunker at the front. If you miss the green to the left it will leave a relatively easy chip back up the length of the green.

Hole 3

A great Par 5 that plays slightly downhill. Two big hits could get you close to the green. The ideal drive will be left side of the fairway. There are two bunkers positioned at the lay-up area. This generous green is guarded on the left and behind the by water.

Hole 4

This hole is a good birdie opportunity. Driver from the tee may not be necessary as you could run out of fairway and find the water. The safest line is to the right half which will leave a short to mid iron to the green, which is protected by water and bunkers.

Hole 5

A good par 5 that dog legs to the left and plays uphill. Keep your drive to the left side of the fairway avoiding the bunker on the right. The 3rd shot is played to an elevated green well protected at the front by bunkers.

Hole 6

A challenging par 4. Dog leg to the right playing slightly downhill. Point to the right side of the fairway for the tee shot. The second shot is played to quite a small green with a bunker short right, so the left-hand side is a safe place to be.

Hole 7

No bunkers. A lovely par 3 hole that plays downhill with very few problems. Be aware that anything missing the green long left will catch the water. Anything landing short of the green will bounce and run down the hill to this generous green.

Hole 8

This hole has a generous fairway. Left side is ideal to avoid the fairway bunker, which is very much in reach with a good drive. The second shot is played to a slightly elevated green with a bunker short right.

Hole 9

A good challenging, slight uphill dog leg to the right. The ideal line from the tee is between the fairway bunker on the left and the Vistabella signature trees in the distance. It’s best to keep your second shot slightly left.

Hole 10

A great downhill par 5. A tee shot hit slightly right or left of centre is no problem as everything feeds to the middle. Keep your second to the left as everything falls away to the water. Third shot should be a short iron to the green protected by water and bunkers.

Hole 11

A strong par 3 playing longer than its yardage. The green is well protected by bunkers at the front and to the left. There is a run off area to the right but from here you can be left with a challenging pitch shot to the green. Par is a good score.

Hole 12

A relatively short par 4. Fairway and green well protected by bunkers. The ideal line from the tee is the left-hand side of the fairway as the ball will kick down to the middle. It will leave you a short to mid iron to the green.

Hole 13

A tricky but not overly long par 4. Everything hit to the right of center will kick down towards the water. The green is guarded by a big bunker short and left. A good miss with the second shot on this hole is slightly right of the green.

Hole 14

A great par 5. Big hitters can reach this green in two. The best line from the tee is to avoid the bunker on the left side of the fairway. Keep your second shot to the left side. The third shot is best played to the middle of the green as it is well protected by bunkers.

Hole 15

A lovely par 3 down the hill. Accuracy is at a premium as the green is almost surrounded by a big bunker and short right. A shot to the middle of the green won’t leave you too far away with your birdie putt.

Hole 16

A relatively short par 4 playing down the hill with no hidden trouble. The bunker will come in to play with the tee shot and there is waste area on the left. The second shot should be aimed more towards the right-hand side of the green as the left side is heavily bunkered.

Hole 17

Water! It’s not as daunting as it looks. The right side of the fairway from the tee is the shortest carry. Bigger hitters can carry the water comfortably. If you avoid the bunkers, the second will leave a mid to short iron to this three-tiered green.

Hole 18

A challenging dog leg to the right par 4 playing slightly uphill. The tee shot is played to a generous fairway. The second shot is to a green well guarded down the right-hand side with bunkers.