Local Rules

Out of bounds


All defining boundaries are Out of Bounds. In Hole 1, if a ball comes out on the left across the road reaching the part of the field that is on the other side of it, the ball will be considered out of bounds.


Internal Out of bounds


On hole 5 on the left is marked with white stakes as out of bounds. This out of bounds only affects hole 5, NOT hole 6.


Ground under repair


It is forbidden to play from areas defined as Ground under Repair (Blue Stakes)


Water hazards


In order to protect the liner of the lake it is forbidden to play the ball if it lies on the liner or the player’s stance would be on the liner. The ball must be dropped outside the hazard in accordance with rule 26-1 (penalty of 1 stroke)


Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24.2)


All paths, gray irrigation boxes, sprinkler heads, draining covers and White stakes are immovable obstructions. Tutors or cables holding trees are also considered immovable obstructions.


Movable Obstructions (Rule 24.1)


Stones in the bunkers may be considered as movable obstructions.




Distances on the scorecard and the markers at the tees are measured to the middle of the greens. The white 200m, the yellow 150m, and the 100m markers are measured to the front of the greens.


Waste areas


These are not bunkers, the player is allowed to ground the club. THE ACCESS OF BUGGIES TO THESE WASTE AREAS IS FORBIDDEN. The water erosion gullies may be treated as ground under repair.


Please leave the course in the condition you would like to find it.