5 tips to achieve putting accuracy and lower your score

5 tips to achieve putting accuracy and lower your score

The putt, that short and apparently simple stroke, can be a golfer’s greatest ally or worst enemy. Mastering it requires technique, practice and, above all, precision. And is that accuracy in putting can be the difference between a good and a bad result on the course. At Vistabella Golf, we know that mastering this skill is essential for any golfer who wants to take their game to the next level. Here are some tips to improve your putting accuracy and optimize your performance on the green.

5 tips to improve your putting

1. The importance of alignment

Accurate putting starts with correct alignment. Make sure your feet, shoulders, and club face are aligned with the putting line. Visualize the trajectory the ball should follow and align your body accordingly. A small misalignment can have big consequences on the final result.

2. The grip: your connection to the putter

The way you grip the putter is critical to the stability and control of the stroke. A grip that is too strong or too weak can lead to misalignment and inconsistency. Experiment with different pressures and find a comfortable grip that allows you to feel the putter as an extension of your hand.

3. Reading the green

Every green is different and presents its own challenges. Learning to read the green is an essential skill for any golfer. Observe the slope and texture of the green before putting. Slopes will affect the direction and speed of the ball, so it is crucial to anticipate these factors.

4. Pendulum movement: smoothness and precision

Forget about sudden strokes and bet on a smooth and controlled pendulum motion. The putter should move like a pendulum, with the arms and shoulders as the main engines. Avoid wrist rotation and keep your head still throughout the stroke.

5. Speed: the key to pocketing

Calculating the right force is essential to get the ball in the hole without overshooting. Practice putting from different distances to develop a better feel for speed and distance control. A good exercise is to place several balls along a straight line and practice holing them one at a time.

Bonus tip

As in any aspect of golf, practice is essential to improve your putting. Spend time practising on the green, varying distances, angles, and ground conditions. The more you practice, the more consistent and accurate you will become. An example of an exercise that can help you is target practice. Target practice can sharpen your accuracy. Place markers on the green and try to reach specific spots. This type of focused practice can improve your putting accuracy and confidence.

On the other hand, the use of technologies such as putting sensors and swing analysis applications can provide you with valuable information about your technique. Reviewing and analysing your performance allows you to identify areas of improvement and adjust your technique accordingly.

Improve your putting at Vistabella Golf

Improving your putting accuracy is a combination of technique, practice, and mentality. At Vistabella Golf, in addition to a spectacular 18-hole course, we offer you the opportunity to put these tips into practice and take your putting to the next level. We have an exceptional putting green, designed to challenge your skills and help you improve your accuracy. In addition, our Neil Fyfe Golf Academy instructors can guide you and give you advice tailored to your needs to master this crucial stroke.

We invite you to come book your tee time at Vistabella Golf, improve your putting and master your game to reach your maximum potential. We are waiting for you on the green!