The 5 most common golfing mistakes and how to avoid them

The 5 most common golfing mistakes and how to avoid them

The green, that final surface where glory or frustration is defined on a golf hole, can become a real minefield if the putting technique is not mastered. Common mistakes such as a misreading of the green or a lack of control in the speed of the stroke can ruin even the most accurate shot from the fairway.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most common mistakes on the green and offer practical tips on how to avoid them and become a putting master.

5 common mistakes on the green and how to avoid them

1. Incorrect green reading

The first step to good putting is to understand the slope of the green. A common mistake is to underestimate or overestimate the slope, leading to shots that are too short or too long. Look closely at the slope of the terrain and how it affects the trajectory of the ball. Notice holes and marks left by other players, as well as undulations and flag placement.

Tip: Practice reading greens outside the round. Use a practice ball and place markers at different spots on the green to simulate holes. Watch the ball roll in different directions and train your eye to identify subtle slopes.

2. Incorrect alignment

A misaligned putt is doomed to failure. A common mistake is to aim directly at the hole, ignoring the curvature of the green.

To line up correctly, visualize the trajectory the ball must follow to reach the hole, taking into account the slope and any obstacles. Imagine an imaginary line connecting the ball to the hole and make sure your putter is aligned with that line. Also make sure your body, shoulders, and club are aligned with the putting line, pointing directly at the hole. Avoid offsetting or creating odd angles with your body.

Tip: Use an alignment stick or a stick parallel to the ground to check your alignment. You can also close one eye and point the other eye directly at the hole, using your body as a reference.

3. Lack of speed control

Speed is crucial in putting, as is direction. Hitting the ball too hard will send it past the hole, while too weak a stroke will leave it short. To control speed, practice putting strokes at different distances to develop a feel for proper speed. When doing so, try to focus on the force of the stroke and the distance covered by the ball.

Tip: Use a rangefinder to measure the distance to the hole, and then practice putting strokes at that specific distance. You can also use a “lag putt,” a practice putt with little force, to assess proper speed.

4. Muscle tension

Tension in the muscles of the hands, arms, and shoulders can negatively affect putting accuracy. It is important to maintain a relaxed posture and a firm but soft grip on the club.

Tip: Perform deep breathing exercises before each putt to relax your body. You can also stretch your arms, hands, and shoulders before starting the round.

5. Lack of practice and confidence

Confidence plays a key role in putting. If you don’t believe in your ability to putt, you are likely to miss. The best way to improve your putting is to practice regularly. Spend time on the driving range making different types of putts, from short distances to long putts and different slopes.

Tip: To increase your confidence, practice regularly, focusing on technique and accuracy. Establish a practice routine specific to putting. You can start with short putts and gradually increase the distance and difficulty as you progress. Above all, imagine that your putt will be good before you hit the ball and keep a positive attitude — you’ll see how it works!

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